A superline that has it all. Featuring fast casting glidecoat – Stren’s best coating ever.
New Stren Sonic braid features remarkable Glidecoat technology which produces a fast casting, super smooth, quiet and wear resistant braided line. This high strength, high performance braid flies through the guides for accurate, effortless, trouble free performance – cast after cast. Finished in Hi Vis yellow, Sonic braid is weaved from quality Dyneema ‘Worlds strongest fibre’ that give a high tensile strength that won’t break at the knot.

Available in 125 and 300yds spools.


  • Highest strength Dyneema – stronger than steel
  • Super smooth glidecoat technology
  • Round full bodied construction resists wind knots
  • Unmatched knot strength
  • Near zero stretch for ultimate sensitivity

SCBFS8-YE 8lb 110MTRS/125YDS Hi-Vis Yellow 1lb Mono
SCBFS10-YE 10lb 110MTRS/125YDS Hi-Vis Yellow 2lb Mono
SCBFS14-YE 14lb 110MTRS/125YDS Hi-Vis Yellow 3lb Mono
SCBFS20-YE 20lb 110MTRS/125YDS Hi-Vis Yellow 6lb Mono
SCBFS30-YE 30lb 110MTRS/125YDS Hi-Vis Yellow 8lb Mono
SCB30010-YE 10lb 270MTRS/300YDS Hi-Vis Yellow 2lb Mono
SCB30014-YE 14lb 270MTRS/300YDS Hi-Vis Yellow 3lb Mono
SCB30020-YE 20lb 270MTRS/300YDS Hi-Vis Yellow 6lb Mono
SCB30030-YE 30lb 270MTRS/300YDS Hi-Vis Yellow 8lb Mono
SCB30050-YE 50lb 270MTRS/300YDS Hi-Vis Yellow 12lb Mono
SCB30065-YE 65lb 270MTRS/300YDS Hi-Vis Yellow 17lb Mono


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