Stren® Original is the perfect balance of strength, toughness, and handling. This line offers superior knot and tensile strength to land big fish. Stren® Original is tough and abrasion resistant and has low memory for easy casting and handling. Stren® Original is the Dependable fishing line! It casts effortlessly, ties a great knot and offers the perfect balance of strength, sensitivity, suppleness and abrasion resistance to give fresh and saltwater anglers the upper hand in any fishing situation.



  • Superior knot strength
  • Tough and abrasion resistant
  • Low memory

SBRB-W0040 4lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR/BLUE 0.20mm
SBRB-W0060 6lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR/BLUE 0.25mm
SBRB-W0080 8lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR/BLUE 0.28mm
SBRB-W0100 10lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR/BLUE 0.30mm
SBRB-W0120 12lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR/BLUE 0.33mm
SBRB-W0140 14lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR/BLUE 0.36mm
SBRB-W0170 17lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR/BLUE 0.41mm
SBRB-W0200 20lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR/BLUE 0.46mm
SBWC-WO250 25lb 227MTRS/250YDS CLEAR/BLUE 0.51mm
SBWC-WO300 30lb 227MTRS/250YDS CLEAR/BLUE 0.56mm


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