Magnathin Clear

This small-diameter line delivers longer casts, smoother control and less water drag for faster sinking and improved lure action. Magnathin has a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio that allows you to drop a diameter without sacrificing strength. Designed as a mainline monofilament, Magnathin has found a following on the tournament scene as a floating leader when fishing light poppers and surface walking lures due to its strength and super thin diameter.


  • Small diameter
  • Super strong
  • Advanced casting formula

STKB-WOO40 4lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR 0.17mm
STKB-WOO60 6lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR 0.20mm
STKB-WOO80 8lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR 0.24mm
STKB-WOO100 10lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR 0.26mm
STKB-WOO120 12lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR 0.31mm
STKB-WOO160 16lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR 0.33mm
STKB-WOO200 20lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR 0.41mm
STKB-WOO300 30lb 300MTRS/330YDS CLEAR 0.44mm


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